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Today, the success of a law practice is inextricably related to its Internet presence. This is a problem that cannot be avoided. You’ll need a partner who understands legal marketing if you want to dominate your market or flourish in a certain field.
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What We Do

Our services cover every facet of branding, marketing, and advertising, combining technology and skill to produce actual, measurable outcomes. Our method is more intelligent, simplified, and totally customized to your objectives and requirements.

Real-time reporting and analytics, machine learning and automation, and a team committed to your needs provide your company the competitive advantage it requires. There’s no alternative for the help and technology you’ll get at Orb when it comes to law firm marketing.


Solutions for Marketing Poven to Work.

We will evaluate the most efficient approach to distribute your funds and achieve your objectives based on your demands.

Web Design & Development

Your practice's internet presence is represented via your website. A visually appealing, mobile-friendly, and technologically sophisticated website will project the image you desire, execute the functions you want, and turn visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People use the internet to look for anything. Use complete search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance organic and local results, keeping your company visible and relevant.

Search Advertising (PPC & Maps)

Get in front of clients who need your services with pay-per-click (PPC) and map advertising, knowing that your map listings are accurate, campaigns are created around your budget and goals, and everything will change as your requirements change.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

With social advertising that engages your community, you can open the door to new business and increase brand recognition. To generate more leads and develop your law business, target captive audiences.


What Makes Orb Different?

With Orb, you’ll have a staff devoted to helping your company succeed. We’re dedicated not only to legal marketing, but also to your specialty or niches, and we’re just as invested in your success as you are. Furthermore, we’re always looking for new and better methods to improve your experience and outcomes. With everything we do, we’re creating a better way because your success is important to us.

Many organizations offer basic law firm marketing services, but success in today's market necessitates much more. It's easy to spend money in the personal injury business if you don't have a sound plan and team in place to get you where you want to go.

Your brand and message should be developed by a partner that is familiar with the particular problems and possibilities that your industry presents, as well as the clients and cases that your company need to succeed.

Many organizations claim to provide high-quality legal marketing services, and some do. This is insufficient. You deserve a marketing partner that specializes in criminal defense and is personally invested in your success. Orb works together with you to define and achieve your objectives. Members of our marketing team are specialists in what it takes to win in your industry.

Your company requires a partner that is knowledgeable about not only marketing and technology, but also how they relate to family law companies. We're experts in our area and yours at Orb, so we're always on top of industry developments, legislation changes, and any other topic that might influence your practice or potential clients. Our goal is to take care of everything so you can focus on what you do best: advocating for your clients.

You'll need more than a law firm marketing business to genuinely flourish in your sector. You require a partner who is equally engaged in your achievement. At Orb, we give that level of service. Even better, our services and technologies are customized for your sector, practice, and objectives. This laser-like focus constantly yields unmistakable outcomes.

Your practice is unique. Your goals are your own. You need a marketing partner who is a true extension of your firm. That's the experience we provide at Orb.

With services tailored to your needs, decades of legal marketing expertise, and a commitment from your team that goes further than just digital marketing, your path to success becomes clear.

To succeed, your bankruptcy firm's marketing techniques must be adaptable, changing with the industry and the economy. Your marketing firm must be more than just a supplier. You require a partner who is personally involved in the success of your company. At Orb, you'll get that kind of experience. We combine service, knowledge, and technology to help you grow your business.


One Stop for Legal Marketing

Consider having a full-time advertising manager who never takes a vacation or makes a mistake. Orb uses automated technology and machine learning to continuously improve your legal advertising strategies, identifying which channels produce the greatest results and allocating more dollars to the channels with the highest conversion rates. When it comes to legal representation, Orb  will stretch your money further.

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Why Choose Orb as Your Law Firm Marketing Partner?

Here are some of the ways we may assist your company in gaining new clients and succeeding in the online marketing field.

Superior Search Engine Optimization Services

Orb specializes in best-in-class marketing solutions, including our outstanding SEO package, which will assist you in reaching out to potential prospects who will eventually become clients. Orb may not be the right fit for your law practice if you're searching for a cookie-cutter SEO team.

Lead-Generating PPC Campaigns

One of the easiest methods for legal firms to produce high-quality leads is through pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Unlike SEO, PPC may deliver immediate results. Orb cuts the fat and gives a sponsored search strategy that will earn you clicks when it comes to PPC.

Social Media Marketing That Works

Orb can help you establish a social media presence if you don't already have one. We can assist you in developing a social media voice that is consistent with your law firm's image and philosophy. We'll figure out how to make social media work for you.

Reporting that is comprehensive

Transparency is at the heart of Orb's digital marketing strategy. As a customer, we make certain that you are involved in all of the processes. Using our advanced data tracking systems, we will deliver detailed reports. It's in our best interests for you to keep track of your company's web marketing efforts.

Customized Approaches That Work

Every business has unique requirements, and we won't waste your time with ineffective template techniques. Orb will research your company, existing campaign, and even rivals in order to create a marketing strategy that maximizes your return on investment.


Which Services Are Right for You?

When it comes to lawyer marketing, a mixture of services is the best way. Paid advertising and search engine optimization are required to increase and maintain a company’s online visibility. To help our clients achieve their digital marketing objectives, we have teams of designers, developers, writers, marketers, and SEO professionals. That’s why we’ve created industry-leading technology that allows us to do tasks in a fraction of the time and with more accuracy and precision.

We at Orb take a holistic approach to business and are continually innovating since we believe that is the only way to succeed.

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