2021 Local SEO Guide for Law Firms: 5 Tips to Rank #1 On Google

As a law firm, the battle for first-page Google results is intense. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and gain the greatest exposure for your practice? Implementing a local search engine optimization (local SEO) strategy using an established step-by-step process is the solution. You’ll acquire an advantage over your local competitors if you follow the five tips below.

The benefits of Google Maps Ranking for Law Firms

When your practice shows up on the first page of search results, you’re more likely to receive phone calls or clicks into your website. Getting ranked on Google Maps is a great way to get there.

Google Maps is beneficial to both you and your patients. Your patients find what they need quickly, your office becomes more visible to new patients, and Google’s audience expands as more people see how simple it is to connect with local firms.

Let’s take a closer look at how you’ll benefit.

Clients can easily find the information they need

Google is used by people to find the information they require right now. Clients may see driving directions, ratings, hours of operation, and a phone number when your office appears in Google Maps search results.

Free advertising for your law firm

Having your practice featured on Google Maps will not cost you anything. Google Maps offers the best value for your money in internet marketing and advertising.

Your happiest clients become your finest brand ambassadors.

Clients can evaluate your services on Google Maps, which enhances your Google Maps rating, gives you useful feedback, and helps you attract new patients.

If you use Google, you’ve most likely noticed the maps ranking area that appears at the top of a local search.

For example, if you Google “Law Firms in Orlando, Florida,” you will very certainly see businesses dotted throughout a map. A small portion of businesses that look to closely match your search frequently appears right beneath the map itself.

Google will show you the businesses that it thinks are the most relevant to your search, have the best reviews, and appear to be of the highest quality. A number of criteria go into Google’s decision-making process when it comes to enterprises.

You might appear in the maps section of Google’s search engine results pages if you fit the qualities Google believes to create a successful, useful business.

So, what elements does Google take into account? How do you get your legal firm to appear in top search results in your area?

5 Poven Tips to Get Your Law Firm to Rank in #1 

Although it appears that marketing your small law practice should be easier than ever, understanding your SEO settings and how to optimize them might be difficult. You’ll need a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the tools available to get your law business on Google’s main page.

1.Claim Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Claiming your GMB listing is one of the first things you can do. You should also spend as much time as possible filling out your GMB profile. Even Google claims that claiming your business listing and filling out your profile would assist them in locating your company. Include all of the relevant information and fill it out as completely as possible.

Using a local number helps to connect your dental practice to its location. Area codes, as you may know, are associated with a certain geographic location. This will improve your company’s visibility on maps. If you only follow one piece of advice, make it this one.


2. Use Relevant SEO Keywords

The inclusion of relevant keywords will form the backbone of your SEO-friendly website. The dots between a search and your site are connected by keywords. When someone searches for Personal Injury Attorney, Google examines websites for terms like “personal injury attorney” and “injury attorney.”

There are so many personal injury attorney websites on the internet that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. If you want your company to appear on Google’s front page or at the top of other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, you’ll need to include certain keywords and employ them appropriately—around 1%–3% of the text on your web pages.

Tools of the Trade:

Semrush: SEMrush is an internet application that helps marketers better understand how users reach their website and perform keyword research. SEMrush is a piece of software that assists businesses with digital marketing techniques such as SEO campaigns. This all-in-one digital marketing solution allows you to manage SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and content marketing initiatives all in one place.

3.Include Desirable Content, Alt-Tags, and Links

Quality content, relevant and reputable links (both inbound and outbound), and a mobile-friendly site are all important factors in determining whether or not you will appear on the main page.

Keywords in your photo descriptions (alt-text) and inbound and outbound links are also essential SEO considerations. Your material should include keyword-rich alt-text in your photographs that are related to your targeted keywords, in addition to being shareable and legible. Inbound and outbound links can both carry a lot of weight when it comes to search engine rankings. Linking to studies, government websites, and news stories can improve the value of your website for attorneys. Furthermore, backlinks (links from other websites to your content) have even more weight, so look for high-quality sources to link to your content.

4. Review

There are many places you can get reviews, including on Yelp.com and on medical sites like Avvo.com But we recommend focusing your attention on gaining positive reviews on your Google My Business page.

Getting ratings on your Google My Business page will help your page rank higher, allowing you to reach more potential patients. Furthermore, prospective patients will be more likely to approach you if they see all of your favorable ratings.

5.Website Referrals and Links

Citations are references to your practice’s NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). You should first provide a citation for your practice on your own website, preferably in the footer and on your contact page.

Then you’ll want to get listed in key directories to build citations all over the web. Your Google My Business page, which we’ve already discussed, is the most crucial directory listing. However, there are dozens of different business directories where you can be listed, which can help you gain more citations and improve your Google ranking.

There are 3 main categories of directories that you’ll want to submit to:

1. General, National Business Directories

A good starting point is to get listed in the major national business directories. For example, in the US, some of the top directories include Yelp.com, yellowpages.com, and citysearch.com. We also recommend setting up a Facebook page for your practice.

2. Industry-Specific Directories

Joining legal directories is one of the simplest and most effective ways for attorneys to grow their online presence while building links at the same time. Directories like Justia, FindLaw, and Avvo among others, can help law firms expand their visibility in search results pages, collaborate with other professionals, get authoritative links to their site, and grow their online authority. We recommend focusing on free directories first. If you opt to get listed in paid directories, you’ll want to make sure that you’re generating some website referral traffic from those directories (which you can track using Google Analytics).

3. Local Directories

Finally, you’ll also want to search for local business directories in your area. An example of a local directory would be your local Chamber of Commerce website.

Important: you’ll need to ensure that your business Name, Address and Phone number information remains 100% consistent across all directories.



Your website is frequently your clients’ first point of contact. It’s critical that it shows up in search engines—the higher up the results, the better. An SEO-friendly website may help you gain more visibility, broaden your new client funnel, and improve interaction across all of your marketing channels. You may put your company up for higher search engine visibility and long-term marketing success by following these basic guidelines.

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